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Real ballots, real polls

Frequently asked questions:

What are digital ballots and why does P-Trend use them?

The concept of digital ballots is the idea that every survey or poll should be treated like an election. Therefore ballots are used instead of just incrementing a counter in a database. If your vote is just a number in a database, everyone that gets his hands on that database can easily alter the results of a poll / an election.

Why is there a receipt-code for my ballot?

We had to come up with a way to keep your vote secret to any political or criminal entity and even us. At the same time we needed a way for you to check if there is any kind of interference or manipulation.

Everytime you vote on a topic, you'll get your receipt code for this specific vote and ballot. You need to copy this entire code/key and store it in a file on your computer if this vote/survey is of interest for you. It is good practice that, when looking back into the poll results, to perform this test once in a while by pasting your receipt-code into the field and clicking "Verify Ballot".

Please Note: The ballot verification key is produced right in the moment you vote. It can not be retrieved at a later time. So if you want to store it, do it at that moment! You will be the only person in posession of it and you are the only person that can use it.

Would P-Trend be a suitable system to perform real elections?

In principle, yes but of course we're only using email-verification to register new voters. In case of an official election this process would of course not be suitable and other methods like the scanning of ID's, certificate of birth or drivers licenses etc. would come into play.
As of now, P-Trend is just a proof of concept and a platform that collects opinions and statistics on more general topics.

What about my privacy?

The only data that we store are your email address, your gender, your age, country and state you live in. It is impossible that your age, country and state will point to your person. Your email address of course does but is only used for your registration and login, like on most internet platforms out there.

P-Trend only stores one Session-Cookie in your browser which is needed to run this page. It will be deleted once your session is ended. The page does not store any other data or trackers on your device. Please feel free to inspect this with whatever tools you use and report us if this rule should be violated at some point in the future.

Why does P-Trend demand information about my gender, age and country?

We need this data to get more precise information about the opinions. It helps us to display more precise information about how opinions may differ between different genders, age groups, countries and states.

Is P-Trend free?

Yes, your membership is free and will always be free. We currently have no interest in monetizing this platform but we may have to add some ads in the future to keep the infrastructure needed if the platform should grow.

Can I start a poll myself?

If you are a journalist, a company or politician and you are interested in honest opinions on a topic, you can contact us and we will together start a new poll. Since we can not live off an empty fridge, you'll have to pay a little obulus for this service but we think that will rarely be necessary since we're trying to cover most modern topics anyway.

Please understand that we can not allow every user to start a poll because this would end up in the page being cluttered with thousands of possibly repeating topics. At the same time we want to avoid questions being formed in a manner that influence people politically. Our goal is to stay as politically neutral as humanly possible.